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Add a couple of notes to the INSTALL file to hopefully cut down on a
couple of frequently asked questions.
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@@ -8,6 +8,22 @@ and then a static module. A more verbose explanation follows.
Note! Only install either the static module or the dynamic one. Do not
install both.
+Note 2! If you are recompiling PHP to add new extensions or upgrading
+something like GD, remove the config.cache file before you re-run
+Note 3! If you are on Linux and have installed shared libraries, make
+sure the location of these shared libraries are listed in your
+/etc/ file. For example, if you have:
+ /usr/local/lib/mysql/
+Make sure /etc/ contains:
+ /usr/local/lib/mysql
+Then run ldconfig.
If you want both PHP 3 and 4 modules in the same Apache server, check the
bottom of this file for instructions.