BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
buildsystemWe don't need the custon FindKolabKDELibraries and can use one installed by k...Christian Mollekopf9 years
datetimeutilsprint doublesChristian Mollekopf9 years
dev/dateonly_bdayAllowing date-only QDateTime for bDay.Sandro Knauß6 years
dev/dummyswigpluginDummy plugin to to workaround the httpd reload issue.Christian Mollekopf6 years
dev/fix_generic_tagMake libkolab compile with upstream kdepimlibsSandro Knauß6 years
dev/fix_memberurlMake memberUrls compatible to documentation.Sandro Knauß6 years
dev/support_exceptionsAdd support for exceptions.Sandro Knauß6 years
dev/tag_colorAdd color and icon sync support to tags.Sandro Knauß6 years
dev/tag_genericuse new GENERIC tag type for new tagsSandro Knauß6 years
dev/unifiedphpmoduleUnified kolab module.Christian Mollekopf6 years
encodingAutodetect type based on mimetype as fallback for v2 messages lacking the Kol...Christian Mollekopf9 years
feature/relationsadd Relation support to KolabObject: read, write and getAaron Seigo6 years
feature/remoterelationsyncadd an isRelation for symmetry with isTagAaron Seigo6 years
filesFiles support for xmlobjectChristian Mollekopf8 years
formatcheckerImproved error handlingSofia Balicka8 years
libcalendaringMake libcalendaring an optionChristian Mollekopf9 years
libkolab-0.2Don't crash if the organizer is not available.Christian Mollekopf9 years
libkolab-0.3Release 0.3.2Jeroen van Meeuwen (Kolab Systems)9 years
libkolab-0.4We effectively require 0.8.5Christian Mollekopf7 years
libkolab-0.5Dummy plugin to to workaround the httpd reload issue.Christian Mollekopf6 years
libkolab-0.6Prepare for release of 0.6.0Christian Mollekopf6 years
masterneed to format excluded dates of recurring events in ISO date format fixing #...Timotheus Pokorra6 years
mimeobjectadded CMakeList.txt to git commit for the mimeobjecttestSofia Balicka8 years
timezonesSome timezones were wrong in the list I pasted in beforeSofia Balicka8 years