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+== About ==
+Libcalendaring provides a way to distribute required parts of kdelibs and kdepimlibs to distributions that are too old for a recent enough installation of the kde libraries.
+It also contains some tweaks to cut some runtime dependencies that are not desirable on the server (ktimezoned, dbus, ...).
+So, THIS IS NOT A FORK, it's a temporary workaround until KDE Frameworks is ready (hopefully resulting in a reasonable dependency chain), and all required fixes have been upstreamed.
+Once that has happended libcalendaring will silently become pointless and can be replaced by normal kde packages.
+Until then we try hard to diverge as little as possible, and make sure all fixes go to the upstream libraries first, before landing here.
+== Submodules ==
+Libcalendaring uses git submodules to track kdepimlibs (and in the future hopefully kdelibs).
+The kolab/libcalendaring/$VERSION branch is used (based on top of kolab/stable/$VERSION), to make it as easy as possible to get relevant patches to libcalendaring and to make sure the normal kdepimlibs distribution stays in sync with libcalendaring.
+=== Updating the submodule ===
+To update the submodule to the latest version of the branch recorded in .gitmodules, use:
+ git submodule update --remote
+And commit the result in the libcalendaring git repository.
+Note that this requires git 1.8.2, otherwise just update the submodule repo manually (cd into it and use the usual git pull), and commit the result in the libcalendaring repo.
+== Build ==
+Because submodules are used, the process requires two commands more than usual:
+git clone git://
+git submodule init
+git submodule update
+mkdir build
+cd build
+cmake ..
+make install