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If an item is <strong>using defaults</strong> then it is using values from the <strong>default <a href="topic:views/display">display</a></strong>. <em>IMPORTANT NOTE:</em> If you modify this value, you are modifying the <strong>default <a href="topic:views/display">display</a></strong> and thus modifying for all displays that are using default values.

If that is not what you intend, you must click the <strong>override</strong> button. Once overridden, that display now has its own version of the value; modifying it will not modify it for other displays. You can override in the settings of the non-default display when you are clicking on the header of the section or on the rearrange button.

For <a href="topic:views/relationship">relationships</a>, <a href="topic:views/argument">arguments</a>, <a href="topic:views/field">fields</a>, <a href="topic:views/sort">sort criterias</a>, and <a href="topic:views/filter">filters</a>, each of these must be overridden as a group! In other words, you cannot override a single filter, but instead must override all filters. A message will appear on the item to let you know what its status is, but you can only change the status by clicking on the header or the rearrange button for that item.