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+# robots.txt
+# This file is to prevent the crawling and indexing of certain parts
+# of your site by web crawlers and spiders run by sites like Yahoo!
+# and Google. By telling these "robots" where not to go on your site,
+# you save bandwidth and server resources.
+# This file will be ignored unless it is at the root of your host:
+# Used:
+# Ignored:
+# For more information about the robots.txt standard, see:
+# For syntax checking, see:
+User-agent: *
+Crawl-delay: 10
+# Directories
+Disallow: /includes/
+Disallow: /misc/
+Disallow: /modules/
+Disallow: /profiles/
+Disallow: /scripts/
+Disallow: /themes/
+# Files
+Disallow: /CHANGELOG.txt
+Disallow: /cron.php
+Disallow: /INSTALL.mysql.txt
+Disallow: /INSTALL.pgsql.txt
+Disallow: /INSTALL.sqlite.txt
+Disallow: /install.php
+Disallow: /INSTALL.txt
+Disallow: /LICENSE.txt
+Disallow: /MAINTAINERS.txt
+Disallow: /update.php
+Disallow: /UPGRADE.txt
+Disallow: /xmlrpc.php
+# Paths (clean URLs)
+Disallow: /admin/
+Disallow: /comment/reply/
+Disallow: /filter/tips/
+Disallow: /node/add/
+Disallow: /search/
+Disallow: /user/register/
+Disallow: /user/password/
+Disallow: /user/login/
+Disallow: /user/logout/
+# Paths (no clean URLs)
+Disallow: /?q=admin/
+Disallow: /?q=comment/reply/
+Disallow: /?q=filter/tips/
+Disallow: /?q=node/add/
+Disallow: /?q=search/
+Disallow: /?q=user/password/
+Disallow: /?q=user/register/
+Disallow: /?q=user/login/
+Disallow: /?q=user/logout/