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+name = Test theme
+description = Theme for testing the theme system
+core = 7.x
+hidden = TRUE
+; Normally, themes may list CSS files like this, and if they exist in the theme
+; folder, then they get added to the page. If they have the same file name as a
+; module CSS file, then the theme's version overrides the module's version, so
+; that the module's version is not added to the page. Additionally, a theme may
+; have an entry like this one, without having the corresponding CSS file in the
+; theme's folder, and in this case, it just stops the module's version from
+; being loaded, and does not replace it with an alternate version. We have this
+; here in order for a test to ensure that this correctly prevents the module
+; version from being loaded, and that errors aren't caused by the lack of this
+; file within the theme folder.
+stylesheets[all][] = system.base.css
+settings[theme_test_setting] = default value
+; Information added by packaging script on 2014-01-15
+version = "7.26"
+project = "drupal"
+datestamp = "1389815930"