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+To use SQLite with your Drupal installation, the following requirements must be
+met: Server has PHP 5.2 or later with PDO, and the PDO SQLite driver must be
+The Drupal installer will create the SQLite database for you. The only
+requirement is that the installer must have write permissions to the directory
+where the database file resides. This directory (not just the database file) also
+has to remain writeable by the web server going forward for SQLite to continue to
+be able to operate.
+On the "Database configuration" form in the "Database file" field, you must
+supply the exact path to where you wish your database file to reside. It is
+strongly suggested that you choose a path that is outside of the webroot, yet
+ensure that the directory is writeable by the web server.
+If you must place your database file in your webroot, you could try using the
+following in your "Database file" field:
+ sites/default/files/.ht.sqlite
+Note: The .ht in the name will tell Apache to prevent the database from being
+downloaded. Please check that the file is, indeed, protected by your webserver.
+If not, please consult the documentation of your webserver on how to protect a
+file from downloading.