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+Drupal Social Share Privacy is packaged for download at
+v 7.x-1.1
+- added this README
+Normally install this module into your drupal.
+One more step is required, as the jQuery Plugin is not packaged in this module.
+So download it from here:
+(choose the .zip or .tar.gz file)
+Then extract this file in the folder sites/all/libraries/ of your installtion.
+You'll endup having a seperate folder named socialshareprivacy,
+where (at least) these two files have to exists:
+plus the another folder socialshareprivacy (again), with the
+file and the images folder.
+The first socialshareprivacy folder can be named as prefered,
+this is setable in this module's configuration, here: admin/config/system/socialshareprivacy
+Besides the library location there are other configuration options.
+F.e. the apperance of a media (facebook, twitter, google).
+The Perma Option means the checkboxes to make the deciscion to keep one media always on.
+I recommend to go to the settingspage and hit at least save once ..
+There is automatically a block created, wich can be used for positioning the HTML. \ No newline at end of file