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+ P A G E T I T L E M O D U L E
+Original Author: Robert Douglass
+Current Maintainers: Nicholas Thompson and John Wilkins
+ This module gives you control over the page title. It gives you the chance
+ to provide patterns for how the title should be structured, and on node
+ pages, gives you the chance to specify the page title rather than defaulting
+ to the node title.
+ This module defines the "set page title" and "administer page titles"
+ permissions. The "set page title" permission determines whether a user will
+ be able to edit the "Page title" field on node edit forms (if visible.) The
+ "administer page titles" permission determines whether a user will be able to
+ edit the "Page title" administration pages.
+1. Place the entire page_title directory into your Drupal modules/
+ directory or the sites modules directory (eg site/default/modules)
+2. Enable this module by navigating to:
+ Administration > Modules
+ At this point the Drupal install system will attempt to create the database
+ table page_title. You should see a message confirming success or
+ proclaiming failure. If the database table creation did not succeed,
+ you will need to manually add the following table definition to your
+ database:
+ CREATE TABLE `page_title` (
+ `type` varchar(15) NOT NULL default 'node',
+ `id` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL default '0',
+ `page_title` varchar(255) NOT NULL default '',
+ PRIMARY KEY (`type`,`id`)
+ );
+3. Optionally configure the two variations of page title by visiting:
+ Administration > Configuration > Search and metadata