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+Note: this page is currently very preliminary. Please visit <a href=""></a> to help provide this documentation page!
+This is a quick summary:
+<li>Visit administer >> site building >> pages to get to the primary page manager interface.</li>
+<li>You can add custom pages for your basic landing pages, front pages, whatever you like for normal content display.</li>
+<li>You can use the system pages to create finer control of how taxonomy vocabularies, nodes and user profiles are displayed.</li>
+<li>When you add your first custom page, do not bother with the optional features. You will not need these until you get to more advanced tasks.</li>
+<li>The selection rules are the key to creating node displays for just one node type.</li>
+<li>Everything in this system is pluggable. A little PHP knowledge and exploration of the plugins directories can take you a long way.</li>