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+The Stark theme is provided for demonstration purposes; it uses Drupal's default
+HTML markup and CSS styles. It can be used as a troubleshooting tool to
+determine whether module-related CSS and JavaScript are interfering with a more
+complex theme, and can be used by designers interested in studying Drupal's
+default markup without the interference of changes commonly made by more complex
+To avoid obscuring CSS added to the page by Drupal or a contrib module, the
+Stark theme itself has no styling, except just enough CSS to arrange the page in
+a traditional "Header, sidebars, content, and footer" layout. See the layout.css
+file for more information.
+To learn how to build your own custom theme and override Drupal's default code,
+see the Theming Guide:
+See the sites/all/themes/README.txt for more information on where to place your
+custom themes to ensure easy maintenance and upgrades.