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+<h2>Troubleshooting UI crashes</h2>
+There are a number of reasons why the Views UI may crash; the most common state or result of a crash is either a white screen (everyone's favorite WSOD), or a screen of what looks like garbage text. This is generally a javascript crash of some fashion.
+To get the most timely and accurate help in the issue queue, please try to gather this information:
+Check your javascript console. In Firefox, you can hit ctrl-shift-j or use firebug. Copy this information into the issue, or attach it as a text file. Really - this is the single biggest thing you can do to help figure out where the crash is coming from.
+<h3>JSON prepends data with jQuery, causing editing and preview problems.</h3>
+This section originally stems from <a href="">this issue.</a>
+Some modules may add PHP improperly, disrupting normal jQuery operation. Errors may look like
+<? session_module_name("files"); ?>{ "default": "default" }
+This can also be a server configuration issue. In one case, this was solved by commenting out
+auto_prepend_file = c:\wamp\www\php.ini.prepend
+in the php.ini.
+Another page to look at is the page on <a href="">White screens</a>