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Adding README to get a show instruction, how to use cyrus log files in tests
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+You can place here cyrus logs, that you can get if you follow the wiki:
+Unfortunatelly this wiki is quite outdated, but with google you'll find the correct path.
+For Debian 7.0 /var/lib/imap/log/<username>/
+If you created the directory, you can just do what you whant to do.
+Cyrus will create for every connection a new file.
+You can now use this file inside a test:
+ CyrusFakeServer fakeServer;
+ fakeServer.addScenarioFromFile("<newfile>");
+ fakeServer.startAndWait();
+ //your test
+ QVERIFY(fakeServer.isAllScenarioDone());
+ fakeServer.quit();