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authorMartin Konold <>2006-04-10 16:36:54 (GMT)
committerMartin Konold <>2006-04-10 16:36:54 (GMT)
commit7d2608118dd60737119f22a77a5a85dc643d5650 (patch)
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Martin Konold: Some clarifications2.1-beta2
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diff --git a/kolab2.schema b/kolab2.schema
index b7d9468..845cc45 100644
--- a/kolab2.schema
+++ b/kolab2.schema
@@ -286,7 +286,9 @@ attributetype (
# comment when creating or deleting a kolab object
# a comment might be appropriate. This is most useful
# for tracability when users get moved to the graveyard
-# instead of being really deleted
+# instead of being really deleted. Every entry must be prefixed
+# with an ISO 8601 date string e.g 200604301458Z. All times must
+# be in zulu timezone.
attributetype (
NAME 'kolabComment'
DESC 'multi-value comment'
@@ -553,9 +555,11 @@ objectclass (
uid $
userPassword ) )
-# shared folders are typically visible to everyone subscribed to
+# public folders are typically visible to everyone subscribed to
# the server without the need for an extra login. Subfolders are
-# defined using the hiarchy seperator '/' e.g. "sf/sub1".
+# defined using the hiarchy seperator '/' e.g. "sf/sub1". Please note
+# that the term public folder is prefered to shared folder because
+# normal user mailboxes can also share folders using acls.
objectclass (
NAME 'kolabSharedFolder'
DESC 'Kolab public shared folder'