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<!ENTITY % BOOK_ENTITIES SYSTEM "Community_Installation_Guide.ent">
-<chapter id="chap-Community_Installation_Guide-Kolab_Server">
- <title>Kolab Server</title>
+<chapter id="chap-Community_Installation_Guide-Overview">
+ <title>Overview</title>
The Kolab server is built out of the best available Free and Open Source software components, most if not all of which are available through the Linux distribution of your preference. However, such Linux distribution may not be as up-to-date as one might wish for the Kolab Groupware to provide the latest and greatest functionality, or may simply have a different update policy from what is typically acceptable for a Groupware environment.
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To install all components on a single system, a <literal>kolab</literal> meta-package is available, pulling in all other packages and dependencies.
- <formalpara id="form-Community_Installation_Guide-Kolab_Server-IMAP">
+ <formalpara id="form-Community_Installation_Guide-Overview-IMAP">
The IMAP server component of Kolab Groupware, including a daemon which synchronizes user accounts from LDAP with IMAP mailboxes.
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- <formalpara id="form-Community_Installation_Guide-Kolab_Server-LDAP">
+ <formalpara id="form-Community_Installation_Guide-Overview-LDAP">
The LDAP directory server component is used for user and group information, authentication and authorization.
@@ -42,7 +42,7 @@
- <formalpara id="form-Community_Installation_Guide-Kolab_Server-MTA">
+ <formalpara id="form-Community_Installation_Guide-Overview-MTA">
The MTA, including spam-filter, virus-scanner, Kolab SMTP Access Policy and the Kolab content-filter.
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- <formalpara id="form-Community_Installation_Guide-Kolab_Server-Web_Administration_Panel">
+ <formalpara id="form-Community_Installation_Guide-Overview-Web_Administration_Panel">
<title>Web Administration Panel</title>
The Kolab web-based administration panel and API.
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- <formalpara id="form-Community_Installation_Guide-Kolab_Server-Web_Client">
+ <formalpara id="form-Community_Installation_Guide-Overview-Web_Client">
<title>Web Client</title>
The web-based client for Kolab, based on Roundcube.
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- <formalpara id="form-Community_Installation_Guide-Kolab_Server-Databases">
+ <formalpara id="form-Community_Installation_Guide-Overview-Databases">
The database component, shared between the Kolab Web Administration Panel, the Web Client, and the MTAs.