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More words on partitioning
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+ <important>
+ <para>
+ Partition and/or divide into logical volumes, configure the mount points and mount the filesystems prior to the installation of packages, as packages may deploy files into these directories.
+ </para>
+ <para>
+ Should you decide to partition only after the packages have already been installed, or after the deployment has already been used, first mount the filesystems somewhere else and synchronize the contents over from the original directories over to the new filesystem hierarchy. Please note services should be stopped before doing so, or only corrupt data will be transfered. Remove the original contents of the filesystem after having synchronized, then mount the filesystems under their target mount points.
+ </para>
+ </important>
For large or multi-domain installations, we suggest moving <filename>/var/lib/imap/</filename> and <filename>/var/spool/imap/</filename> to <filename>/srv/imap/[<replaceable>$domain</replaceable>/]config/</filename> and <filename>/srv/imap/[<replaceable>$domain</replaceable>/]default/</filename> respectively. In allowing <filename>/srv/imap/</filename> to be one separate partition, backup using LVM snapshots is easier. Note that <replaceable>$domain</replaceable> in the aforementioned path is optional, and should only be used when multiple, but separate, isolated IMAP servers are to be started.