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+RUNONCHANGE=@@@KOLABRC@@@ rc imapd restart
+# (c) 2003 Tassilo Erlewein <>
+# (c) 2003-2006 Martin Konold <>
+# (c) 2003 Achim Frank <>
+# This program is Free Software under the GNU General Public License (>=v2).
+# Read the file COPYING that comes with this packages for details.
+# Warning: Do not use a trailing slash in paths!
+configdirectory: @@@imap_statedir@@@
+partition-default: @@@imap_spool@@@
+allowusermoves: 0
+admins: @@@cyrus-admins|join( )@@@
+sasl_pwcheck_method: saslauthd
+sasl_mech_list: plain
+sendmail: @@@sbindir@@@/sendmail
+allowanonymouslogin: no
+allowplaintext: yes
+servername: @@@fqdnhostname@@@
+reject8bit: no
+munge8bit: no
+quotawarn: @@@cyrus-quotawarn@@@
+lmtp_over_quota_perm_failure: 1
+timeout: 30
+sievedir: @@@imap_sievedir@@@
+lmtpsocket: @@@emailserver_socket@@@
+allowapop: no
+#tls_ca_file: @@@sysconfdir@@@/kolab/server.pem
+tls_cert_file: @@@sysconfdir@@@/kolab/cert.pem
+tls_key_file: @@@sysconfdir@@@/kolab/key.pem
+altnamespace: 0
+unixhierarchysep: yes
+lmtp_downcase_rcpt: yes
+username_tolower: 1
+hashimapspool: yes
+#the fulldirhash optimization requires the rehash utility and the compile time switch --enable-fulldirhash
+#fulldirhash: yes
+##virtdomains: userid
+loginrealms: @@@postfix-mydestination|join( )@@@
+# support for lookup of mailbox name from local LDAP server
+ldap_uri: @@@user_ldap_uri@@@
+ldap_base: @@@base_dn@@@
+ldap_bind_dn: @@@php_dn@@@
+ldap_password: @@@php_pw@@@
+ldap_time_limit: 15
+virtdomains: ldap
+## Murder slave setup
+#mupdate_server: XXX
+#mupdate_port: 3905
+#mupdate_authname: manager
+#mupdate_password: xxx
+# add support for posting to shared folders
+postuser: kolab
+userprefix: user
+sharedprefix: shared
+# add support for sieve based notifications
+notifysocket: @@@imap_notify_socket@@@
+sievenotifier: mailto
+mailnotifier: mailto
+# the sieve extensions that should be enabled on the server
+sieve_extensions: fileinto reject vacation imapflags notify include envelope body relational regex subaddress copy
+# Uncomment to use berkeley db backend instead of skiplist:
+#annotation_db: berkeley
+#mboxlist_db: berkeley
+# Don't discard emails with identical message-id header (enabled by default):
+duplicatesuppression: 0
+# The interval (in seconds) for polling the mailbox for changes while running the IDLE command.
+# This option is used when idled can not be contacted or when polling is used exclusively.
+# The minimum value is 1. A value of 0 will disable polling (and disable IDLE if polling is
+# the only method available).
+imapidlepoll: 5
+# Load definitions for vendor annotations
+annotation_definitions: @@@imap_confdir@@@/imapd.annotation_definitions