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authorBernhard Herzog <>2005-12-09 16:02:16 (GMT)
committerBernhard Herzog <>2005-12-09 16:02:16 (GMT)
commit61780076adec47b7b4aa50fc041d02758da252ef (patch)
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parent59ebe740802edcc8be6fdb42baa047cdd8d4d553 (diff)
* templates/ (require): For some reason, the
new OpenLDAP version from OpenPKG 2.5 doesn't accept the value "none" for "require". according to the manpage it's the default anyway, so we comment it out. (suffix): With the new OpenLDAP version, suffix has to be defined before checkpoint, so rearrange it a bit. * templates/ ($myhostname): The new amavisd version from OpenPKG 2.5 actually checks whether the value is a FQDN. This is not the case for the default value taken from uname on all systems, so explictly set it.
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diff --git a/conf/templates/ b/conf/templates/
index d803423..b209f67 100644
--- a/conf/templates/
+++ b/conf/templates/
@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@ rootDSE @sysconfdir@/kolab/rootDSE.ldif
defaultsearchbase "@@@base_dn@@@"
-require none
+#require none
allow bind_v2
loglevel 0
@@ -45,13 +45,13 @@ loglevel 0
database monitor
database bdb
+suffix "@@@base_dn@@@"
cachesize 2000
checkpoint 512 10
idlcachesize 10000
idletimeout 80 # The value can be increased if some clients develop problems.
# Please report to if you encounter such a client.
-suffix "@@@base_dn@@@"
directory @ldapserver_dir@
rootdn "@@@bind_dn@@@"