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The life cycle of a KEP is
=== Creation ===
* A new draft KEP is sent to [] with the request to assign a number for this KEP.
* The secretariat assigns the next sequential number to this KEP, ensures the formatting is correct and all header fields are provided, sets up the corresponding tooling, such as the [ Wiki] page, the corresponding [ Bugzilla] issue, and places the file in the [ GIT repository].
* The secretariat then announces the new KEP to and gives the author(s) of the KEP access to the repository.
=== Discussion and Finalization ===
* The KEP will then be discussed on the most appropriate public mailing list:
** '''Design KEP''' are typically discussed on []
** '''Technology KEP''' are typically discussed on []
@@ -61,15 +63,18 @@ The life cycle of a KEP is
* If there is sustained, qualified opposition (as described above) after the closing call, the author(s) must take that into account in the best way possible, potentially documenting sustained opposition in the KEP. Afterwards, the author(s) shall request another closing call from the secretariat.
=== Adoption, Rejection and Retraction ===
* If there was no qualified opposition to a closing call on a KEP within the deadline set by the secretariat, the KEP has been formally adopted and its status will be changed to 'accepted'.
* The author(s) of a KEP can at any point in time retract their proposal, the KEP will then be considered closed, its status will be changed to 'retracted'.
* If a KEP fails to gain acceptance within '''one calendar year''' after it was initially proposed, its status shall be changed to 'rejected'. A new KEP with a similar proposition can then be requested by the same author(s) or others.
=== Replacement, Retirement ===
* If a KEP is no longer relevant to Kolab, the secretariat shall send a note of 'pending retirement' to with no less than '''six weeks''' of notice period for opposition. If no opposition is received, the KEP shall be deemed 'retired' and of purely historical interest.
* If a KEP has been replaced by another KEP which has been duly accepted, its status shall be set to 'replaced'.
== The Secretariat ==
The secretariat shall consist of volunteers who are '''not''' currently active in the KEP process as authors or discutants and shall understand their role as a purely faclitatory one. Any member of the Kolab community can volunteer for the secretariat, and shall be held in high honors for helping with this important task.
== References ==